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EXPO 2021 - Programme

The programme, e-posters, abstracts of posters and talks, and short introductory videos of posters and talks are now available.


Members of the Poster Awards Judging Panel

  • Professor Chetwyn CHAN, Vice President (Research and Development), The Education University of Hong Kong  


  • Professor Ricky KWOK, Vice President (Students and Support), The Open University of Hong Kong 


  • Professor Carmel McNAUGHT, Emeritus Professor of Learning Enhancement, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong  


Panel Discussion I: New Normal Teaching Experience and Reflection



  • Professor Paul LAM
    Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Communities of Practice members in Hong Kong Universities invited by the CUHK Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

  • Dr Aloysius Wilfred Raj AROKIARAJ
    Senior Project Officer, Office of Service-Learning
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Graduate Studies
    Lingnan University

    Aloysius runs the Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer and Winter Academies, Social Innovation Hub and other international Service-Learning programs at Lingnan University. He is also an adjunct assistant professor focusing on human centred co-designing where students can experience and solve community challenges with the active engagement of community members. He teaches multiple undergraduate and graduate level courses and workshops which focus on Global Grand Challenges, Community engagement, Participatory Design and Design Thinking. Aloysius has a PhD in evolutionary neuroendocrinology, studying the molecular expression patterns of brain-gut peptides in developing Amphioxus.

  • Professor Grace CHOU
    Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of History
    Lingnan University

    Grace Ai-Ling Chou has served at Lingnan University since 2003. She is Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of History in the fields of Asian and cross-cultural history. Chou has introduced the internationally-recognised pedagogy – Reacting to the Past (RTTP) - to the teaching of history in Hong Kong. The RTTP methodology employs active role-playing: students assume the identities of historical figures, argue persuasively and “react” to a historically-true crisis moment. Aside from History, Chou is the programme creator and leader of the university’s music offerings and a programme leader for its new flagship major Global Liberal Arts (GLAP). 

  • Dr Ann LAU
    Principal Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Dr Lau Sin Nga Ann is the Assistant Dean (Education) in Faculty of Medicine. She is a Principal Lecturer in CUHK School of Biomedical Sciences and the Programme Director of BSc in Biomedical Sciences. Ann is experienced in curriculum development and interested in adopting innovative tools and techniques for teaching and learning.  She is keen on maximizing the functionality of platforms like blackboard and ZOOM to suit different teaching and administration needs.  Her recent projects include the establishment of DigestVR platform for teaching gastrointestinal physiology, animated coursewares for health sciences topics, and collaborative projects with different communities at CUHK.  She is an executive member of the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice in CUHK, and is the recipient of the Faculty of Medicine Education Award 2019.

  • Professor Eric TSUI
    Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Associate Director (Business Development), Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre
    Senior Educational Development Officer, Educational Development Centre
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Eric Tsui is a Senior Educational Development Officer and a Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Professor Tsui is an honorary advisor of KM to three HKSARG departments and a Specialist of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). A veteran of E-Learning, he is the leader of two Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on edX and has received many Knowledge Management and E-Learning awards including the prestigious QS Wharton Reimagine Education Regional Asia Gold award in 2015. In the 2015/6 and 2016/7 PolyU Annual Reports, he was twice listed as an Outstanding/Exemplary Academic.

  • Professor Denis YU 
    Associate Professor, School of Energy and Environment
    City University of Hong Kong

    Denis Yu is an associate professor at the School of Energy and Environment at City University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University in 2003. He then worked as an engineer at SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. in Japan and a senior scientist at the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore before joining CityU. He teaches courses on energy generation, energy efficiency and materials engineering at CityU. He is the recipient of the Innovative CityU Learning Award for Semester B 2020/21.


Panel Discussion II: Service-Learning in Higher Education

Panelists: Mr Chad CHAN, Dr Sarah LUK, Dr Grace NGAI, Dr Kevin YUE, Professor Vivian Wing Yan LEE


  • Professor Vivian LEE
    Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Panel Members:

  • Mr Chad CHAN
    Senior Project Officer, Office of Service-Learning
    Lingnan University

    Chad Chan is a senior project officer of the Office of Service-Learning at Lingnan University. He is an experienced researcher interested in Service-Learning impacts on student’s learning and development. In addition, he is also a passionate educator organizing diversified activities for students’ development through advanced technology and Service-Learning projects. He also manages the Seed Fund and Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) for supporting the innovative start-up ideas of Lingnan students and staff.

  • Dr Sarah LUK
    Dean of General Education, Lee Woo Sing College
    Professional Consultant, Department of Educational Psychology
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

    Dr Sarah Sau Ha Luk have been working at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a professional consultant at the Faculty of Education since 2011 and also served as Registered Educational Psychologist in Hong Kong and Chartered Psychologist in British Psychological Society. For years, the focus of the works of Dr Luk is on helping and supporting children with special educational needs and promoting mental health among university teachers, students and the general public. As the Dean of General Education at Lee Woo Sing College, Dr Luk will share the Service-Learning experiences at college and the upcoming WeServe Project for the students.

  • Professor Grace NGAI
    Head, Office of Service-Learning and Leadership Office
    Associate Professor, Department of Computing
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Grace Ngai is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computing and the Head of the Service-Learning and Leadership Office at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she has been involved in coordinating and leading student social responsibility programmes for over 15 years. Her service projects have brought her and her students to work with communities in Hong Kong, mainland China, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Rwanda, working on STEM education, IT infrastructure installation, and even solar panel installation. Her research interests are in the intersection between the human being and the computer — namely human-computer interaction, affective computing, and computer science education.

  • Professor Kevin YUE
    Honorary Director, Centre for Innovative Service-Learning
    Associate Director and Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division, School of Chinese Medicine
    Hong Kong Baptist University

    Before joining the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Dr Yue is previously a Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine at the Queen’s University of Belfast. After returning to Hong Kong, he got another degree in Chinese Medicine and is also a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. Dr Yue now teaches basic biomedical science and internal medicine modules of the Chinese medicine course at HKBU.

    Since 2014, Dr Yue has introduced two service leadership courses in the general education curriculum at HKBU, and he has been leading medical service trips serving the orphans and elderly in Qinghai in the past 6 years.

    Dr Yue now also serves as the Honorary Director of the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning at HKBU.


List of Facilitators (Parallel Talk Sessions)

  • Dr Franko WONG, Centre of Learning Enhancement and Research, CUHK 

    • Curriculum/ Course Designs I ​

  • Professor Stuart Michael MCMANUS, Department of History, CUHK 

    • Curriculum/ Course Designs II ​

  • Professor Paul LAM, Centre of Learning Enhancement and Research, CUHK 

    • New Normal in Education ​

    • Student Corner 

  • Dr Florence TANG, School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK 

    • Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) and Game ​

    • Assessment 

  • Dr Isabel HWANG, School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK 

    • Online Teaching  ​

  • Professor Adam FINGRUT, School of Architecture, CUHK 

    • Learning Activities (Group Projects) ​

  • Dr Anna TSUI,  Department of Management, CUHK 

    • Learning Activities ​

  • Professor Fanny CHUNG, Faculty of Arts, CUHK 

    • Peer-Learning I ​

  • Dr Kai Ming KIANG, Office of University General Education, CUHK 

    • Peer-Learning II ​

  • Dr Josephine LAU, School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK 

    • Pedagogical Change I ​

  • Dr John Alexander WRIGHT, Department of Statistics, CUHK 

    • Pedagogical Change II ​

  • Ms Judy LO, Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology, CUHK 

    • eLearning Tools, Platforms and Services ​

  • Professor Cecilia CHUN, Centre of Learning Enhancement and Research, CUHK 

    • Student Capabilities I ​

    • Student Capabilities II 

  • Professor Vivian LEE, Centre of Learning Enhancement and Research, CUHK 

    • Students as Partners ​

    • Inclusive Education 

  • Dr Fred KU, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, CUHK 

    • Learning for Social Good ​

    • Internationalization 




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