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Call for Presentations (closed)

All notification of abstract acceptance / rejection emails have been sent to authors and presenters by 24 October 2022. For queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We are inviting teachers and staff from all disciplines in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to present at the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2022. There will be two types of presentation formats: 1) Online oral presentation in themed parallel sessions; and 2) In-person poster presentation.


We welcome all ideas and practices related to teaching and learning in higher education ranging from the course to the institutional level, regardless of whether technology is involved or not, including but not limited to: 

Topics in university strategic plan, for example: 

- Interdisciplinary collaboration

- University-industrial partnerships 

- Service learning 

- Internationalisation of curriculum

Curriculum design and pedagogical change, for example: 

- Collaborative learning 

- Assessment and evaluation 

- Students as partners 

- Training and professional development for staff

Educational technology, for example: 

- Virtual teaching and learning 

- Platforms/ tools/ apps and services for education 

- MOOC/ SPOC/ courseware/ micro-module development

- Immersive experience 

- Artificial intelligence 

- Big data and learning analytics 


Student engagement and developmental needs, for example: 

- Digital literacy 

- 21st-century skills 

- Inclusive education 

Presentation Formats

*Important notes:

(i) Poster presentation will be held in-person on 14 Dec 2022. Presenters/ Authors of posters shortlisted for Poster Awards are required to attend the Poster Awards Screening Q&A Session online which is tentatively scheduled in the week of 5 December 2022.

(ii) The committee is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we reserve the right to make changes to the format of the poster presentation sessions if necessary, i.e., may convert from in-person to online sessions.

Application Methods

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Target audience: CUHK staff and teachers  

  • Length: The abstract's length should be within 150 - 250 words

  • Language: Abstract submitted for presentation should be in English.

  • The abstracts will be reviewed by the Organising Committee of the Expo. Relevance to topics relating to the teaching and learning in higher education and the originality of the approach adopted or suggested are our major considerations.

  • All accepted abstracts, short papers, poster designs and videos will be housed in the Expo website and related event platform.



Important Dates


19 October 2022

New abstract submission deadline


14 October 2022

Notification of abstract acceptance / rejection (proposals submitted on or before 11 Oct)

by 24 October 2022

Notification of abstract acceptance / rejection (proposal submitted on or before 19 Oct)

03 November 2022

(Poster presentations) Submission deadline of soft copy of poster and 3-minute introductory video

22 November 2022

Expo Poster Awards 2022 - Shortlist notification

30 November 2022

Short paper submission deadline (optional)

In the week of 05 December 2022 (to be confirmed)

Online poster awards screening Q&A sessions (closed sessions)

14 to 16 December 2022

14 December 2022

(Hybrid sessions) Opening ceremonies, keynote sessions, and poster awards presentation ceremony

(In-person session) Poster presentations

15 and 16 December 2022

(Online sessions) Panel discussions, workshops, oral presentations, and closing remarks


  • All submitted posters and videos will be made available to the public BEFORE the event day to facilitate more in-depth discussions and exchanges during the interactive session. 

  • Authors of the accepted abstracts can choose whether to submit a short paper of their abstract(s) or not. If yes, prepare it in English and as word file  (.doc or .docx) with the following format:

    • Page Limit: 4-7 pages including diagrams and references (single-line spacing and in normal margin).

    • Font & Size: Times New Roman (12-point font size).




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