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Oral Presentation Guidelines

All live oral presentations will be held on 5 December 2023 between 2:45 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. in CUHK campus, and will be arranged as themed parallel sessions.

Venue: 5/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin

  • Presenters with similar presentation topics will be grouped by theme in the same session.

  • Each session will last around 75 minutes, and each presentation will be given a timeslot of 15 minutes in total.

  • An open floor discussion will be held after all presentations in each theme at the end. Speakers are required to stay for the whole session and attend the open floor discussion. ​


Timeline for Authors (Oral Presentation)

  • 12 October 2023

Early Acceptance Notification (Abstracts that are submitted on or before 09 October 2023)

  • 24 October 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline

  • by 26 October 2023

Notification of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection


  • Early November 2023

Parallel Session Schedule Release

  • On or before 04 December 2023

 Submitting a backup copy of presentation materials (optional)

  • 05 December 2023

Date of Event

All poster and oral presentations will be held in the afternoon of 05 December 2023.




1. Arrangement of the themed parallel sessions

  • Details of your assigned session, e.g., venue and session start time, will be confirmed at least 1 week before the event.

  • Presenters in the same session should arrive at the venue 15 minutes ahead of the session start time (regardless of whether you are the first one to present or not).

  • The following equipment will be provided in each classroom: a Windows desktop which is connectable to the internet, projector, visualiser and two microphones.

  • Please manage your time well and make sure you do not exceed the 15-minute presentation time. The session facilitator/event support staff will give you a signal when there are 5 minutes and 1 minute left before the end of your presentation slot.

2. Designing your presentation materials

  • The presentation materials can be in any type (slides/ poster/ notes, etc.) and in any commonly used format (e.g., .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .jpg).

  • Make sure you include information about the presentation topic, name of the author(s) and their affiliation, and the acknowledgment of the source of funding (if applicable) in the presentation materials.

  • It is suggested to prepare your materials in a more concise manner by focusing on a few main points and using clear and sufficient graphics.


3. Facilitation

  • You can authorise your colleague(s) to facilitate your presentation(s) if you are unable to attend. In this case, you are recommended to inform the working team about the arrangements as soon as possible, preferably 4 weeks prior to the event.


4. Submission of backup presentation materials

  • Presenters can bring their presentation files to the presentation room on the day of the event.

  • It is strongly encouraged that presenters send a copy of the presentation files, e.g., ppt, .doc, .pdf, .jpg, to the working team at at least one day prior to the event.

  • If your files are bigger than 10MB, send us the shareable link of the files, e.g., Office 365 OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

  • The back up copy of the presentation materials will NOT be disclosed to third parties and public without presenter(s)/author(s)'s consent.


5. Recording of presentation/ use of presentation materials

  • All presentations, open floor discussions and Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions will be recorded. The event host will publish the recordings as an event archive.

  • If you have any concerns and/or do not wish to have your recording or photo published, please contact the working team by email to at least three days prior to the event.




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